Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Dare To Inspire

"Inspiration is more important now than ever before."

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Celebrating Dare To Inspire

When we began our quest to understand inspiration in 2013, we knew inspiration was a most critical resource to be managed for leaders, teams, and organizations. Fast forward to 2020, one year after launching Dare To Inspire, and we could have never imagined that the world would shift so dramatically, and that Inspiration would never be more important than it is right now.

As we look back on this past year, we are so proud of our team, our work, and our partnerships. One of our core company values is Relationships First, and it has guided us through this year; a year that drew us all together in even deeper ways.

We know that the environment continues to hold turbulence and uncertainty, yet amidst it all, inspiration has been abundant and is a resource we must all cultivate as we look towards the future.

While we have put our live book launch and tour on pause because of the pandemic, we are excited to celebrate our One Year Anniversary with you.

As our anniversary coincides with this soon to end, historically unprecedented year, we hope that you will join us in celebrating our collective strength and resilience, and looking forward to 2021 with hope, optimism and an exploration of what's possible.

We are grateful for your love and support, and look forward to continuing to inspire great work together!

Jen, Sandy, Allison

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