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Inspiration Quotient Survey

How Inspired Are You?

Predict your productivity, engagement and success at work through your inspiration quotient.

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"Dare to Inspire shows how to spark and sustain exponential growth."

Shawn Achor

New York Times bestselling author of Big Potential and The Happiness Advantage

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Crafting your Impact.

More than ever, in times of crisis, chaos and ambiguity, leaders need to activate inspiration for themselves and others. Use this framework to design a strengths and purpose driven impact plan.



Identify your top strengths as a leader:



What personal values guide you?

What shared team values guide you?



What is your desired impact on others and the world?

Becoming an Inspiring Leader.

Draft an overarching impact statement: How will you use your unique strengths and values to have the kind of impact you want to have as a leader?]\

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"InspireCorps' work is exceptional. This firm has deep experience and capability to support our leaders with what they need most and to deliver it through a virtual partnership. They apply their original research on inspiration and provide frameworks, tools, and on the ground challenges that inspire our people to lead at their next level. We are lucky to be working with them during this critical time."
Ann Root Keith, COO Advancement, Dartmouth College

Bring Inspiration Strategy to your Organization

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We partner with companies to use inspiration to drive business innovation and growth.

Founded in 2013, we are an inspiration strategy firm built on the belief that there is unimaginable potential within organizations, teams and ourselves. We work alongside leaders and teams to ignite their inspiration, prioritize it as a differentiator and scale it across the organization.

Our Approach

Grounded in a research-based approach, our work leverages positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and positive organizational scholarship to create custom solutions.

Rigor, data and measurement drive our commitment to help organizations, teams, and people realize their potential and achieve their next level of success.