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Leadership for Emerging Leaders

An inspiring leadership program that will build hope, courage and confidence while at the same time develop them as high-performing leaders.

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Program Objectives + Opportunities

There is an opportunity to develop managers as emerging leaders and stewards of culture. Develop an inspiring leadership program that will build hope, courage and confidence while at the same time develop them as high performing leaders.


Team Roster

Session 1 - DATE

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Inspiration: Leading + Inspiring Self

Too often inspiration is viewed as just a momentary spark. In this session, participants learn to recognize and sustain inspiration in their lives and work. Participants will utilize personal reflections, the latest insights from positive psychology, and current research on inspiration to develop strategies and concrete plans to transform sparks of inspiration into lasting motivation, and to recognize and generate new sparks of inspiration, for themselves and their teams.


  • Introduction to Inspiration
  • A Leader’s First Job is to Inspire Yourself – Crafting Your Inspiration Plan
  • Inspiration is Contagious – Inspiring Others

Session Tools

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  • Session Toolkit  

Session 2 - DATE

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Managing Physical + Emotional Energy

Responding to and navigating change takes a lot of energy. In addition, many of us are working in new ways that deplete our energy differently than before. It’s critical during these times to actively and deliberately design resets specific to the current circumstances to keep your energy up.


  • Awareness of Self and Others
  • Emotional Intelligence and Agility
  • Empathy

Session 3 - DATE

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Inspiring Leadership: The What of Leadership

Leadership is a term that gets tossed around. We all know it’s incredibly important to business success, but ideas of what constitutes effective leadership vary across industries, individuals and time. But most agree, and our research indicates that the ability to inspire oneself and others is foundational to great leadership. In this session, participants will tackle what leadership means to each of them. They will gain new insights about their own strengths and capacities with regard to leading others. They will learn what it means to inspire and how to inspire themselves and others. Participants will develop an actionable plan for their own leadership development that reflects their strengths and aspirations.


  • Introduction to a New Definition of Leadership
  • “Above the Line” Leadership for Emerging Leaders
  • Coaching Mindset for Effective Communication

Session 4 - DATE

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Inspiring Leadership Through Agility: The How of Leadership

In our business world of increasingly flat organizations, rapid change and the rise of the "purpose economy," inspiration is a most important resource to be managed in modern work. The most inspiring companies are able to deliver the highest levels of performance through sustainable inspiration. In this session, we offer that the building blocks of sustainable inspiration exist in leadership. Leaders knowing themselves, what a situation requires, and how to enact the right blend of styles and behaviors dynamically inspires performance. Leadership today requires focus and awareness, immediate and slight course corrections and consistent reflection and learning. The Leader Guide Framework is based on long-standing situational leadership theory and application, from Aristotle to modern psychology, this evidence-based framework produces inspiring performance for leaders, teams and entire organizations.


  • Four Performance Zones of Leader Agility
  • Leadership Styles that Support Each of the Zones
  • Each Style at Its Best

Session 5 - DATE

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Leading with Impact: The Power of Understanding + Activating Influence

Leading others through crisis, chaos and ambiguity presents an opportunity – even a responsibility – for leaders to define who they want to be and how they will show up. One of the most important things we do personally and professionally is influence others, especially during times of change and uncertainty. Leaders will understand influence in new ways by exploring a 3Cs framework of influence.


  • Spheres of Influence
  • Aspirational Leadership
  • Purpose and Leader Impact 

Session 6 - DATE

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PULSE: Performance Management

The purpose of the PULSE process is to increase engagement, strengthen communication and build trust around goal setting and performance to goals. The PULSE guide is designed to help every employee have conversations with their manager that produce interesting and challenging goals, provide feedback and partnership, create opportunities to capitalize on strengths and give meaningful progress and appreciation.


  • Deliberately Developing People
  • Coaching, Giving and Receiving Feedback


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