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To strengthen your leadership and sustain your inspiration now and into the future, please use the tools, recorded virtual sessions, and resources below.

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Big Rocks

Highlights + Resources

  • GoogleSlides - where we all collaborated. Please continue to add thoughts / refine
  • Workshop 4 - Making it work as a team - slides for reference (including a snapshot of where we got to on the google doc above, during the workshop)
  • Workshop 3 - Potential and Performance
  • Workshop 2 - Priorities and Potential
  • Workshop 1 - Framework, Celebration & Purpose

Inspiring Teams

Great teams are the building blocks of organization performance, transformation and growth. In our first session, standing on the research of Amy Edmondson, Google’s Aristotle study, and the Deloitte teams research, we share our Inspiring Teams Framework and audit both the strengths and opportunities that exist on your team and the other teams you are a part of.

  • Understand what inspiration is and how it works for leaders and teams
  • Be introduced to a research-based, dynamic, teams framework that  will help build agility and performance 
  • Be able to audit teams from a new lens and build strategies for your  growing team capability
  • Create clear, motivating goals for yourself and others as a foundation for performance

In preparation for our next session on October 29, please read the HBR promised-based commitments article.

Building Capacity + Commitment

High performing teams have to be able to respond swiftly to shifts in strategy and priorities. Research shows that such agility in high performing teams is attributed to: clear priorities; high-quality communication; capacity management; clarity of roles and accountability. This session presents a model of how to make trustworthy commitments through specific and consistent language and by setting realistic expectations. Participants practice building capacity and commitment through using the framework to map existing and anticipated challenges within the team. 

In addition, we will share foundational goal setting and performance management tools to support you on the ground to increase motivation and engagement.

  • Learn a framework for achieving results by mapping clarity of roles, coordination points and accountability.
  • Gain a new understanding of your areas of strength and opportunities in capacity management and coordination.
  • Learn to manage individual and team overcommitment by communicating clear strategic priorities and renegotiating work-flow and commitments accordingly.


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