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Leading into the Future

Strengthening Leadership, Sustaining Inspiration, Supporting Relationships

The world as we know it has changed and presents a defining moment for all of us.  

To strengthen your leadership and sustain your inspiration now and into the future, please use the tools, recorded virtual sessions, and resources below..

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Leading through Uncertainty

Many experiences of unexpected change are like shocks to the human system. Use the U-Curve of change to identify yourself, and others, in the change process. Ask the suggested coaching questions to move yourself or your team through the change process with greater intention and ease. Incorporate best practices to support healthy, resilient change management. 

Reimagining Excellence

One of the most deeply held values and strengths of YLS staff is excellence. Use this toolkit to reconnect to the foundation of inspiration (possibility + invincibility) and as an opportunity to reimagine what excellence looks like during this sustained time of change and uncertainty. While your commitment to excellence remains steadfast, what it looks like in this new and unfolding environment may shift and evolve. These tools are a reminder of who you can be as a leader to help bring this value to life in new ways and into the future.


Go Deeper

Remember the ways you can activate inspiration (possibility + invincibility):

  • Get a lift from each other - actively find time to support one another
  • Use Resets (ie: taking breaks, breathing, walking) to take care of self and manage energy and emotions
  • Create an inspired environment - surround yourself with a workspace & artifacts that bring you joy


  • Hacking HR w Enrique Rubio; Jen, Allison, Laura discuss the impact of Inspiration w Enrique in this video.

Balancing Wellbeing, Resilience + Performance

In times of stress and uncertainty, burnout is a real risk. However, there are tools and practices, which we call reset rituals, you can use to both avoid experiencing burnout and offset the symptoms if you are experiencing them. Reset rituals will help you focus on what you can control and refresh your physical, emotional and mental energy.  


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