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Session 1 October 24th 2020

Driving Growth + Change Through Inspiring, Purpose-Driven Leadership

Leaders today face more ambiguity and turbulent change than ever before. During this ever-changing landscape, when it’s natural to feel anxiety, how can leaders at all levels stay motivated and inspired to tackle challenges, make progress toward goals, and inspire those around them through the unknown?

In this session, Allison Holzer, co-author of the new book Dare to Inspire: Sustain the Fire of Inspiration in Work and Life, will reveal insights from their nearly 6 years of original research on how to unlock inspiration as a reliable pathway to navigate through uncertainty, change and growth, even during the most difficult of times. Drawing on original research and insights from her book, Allison will explore how, amid a generation of workers who prioritize meaning and purpose in their work, leaders can cultivate a workforce that is beyond engaged, aligned with organizational values, and ready to tackle the unknown with agility and purpose.

Key Concepts

  • Inspired people drive better business results through: greater innovation, more agility, stronger performance and deeper human connection
  • Sustainable Inspiration = Possibility + Invincibility + Intentional Practice
  • A leader’s first job is to inspire yourself
  • Inspiration is contagious

Session 2 November 21st 2020

Powerful Teaming int he 21st Century: Agility, Resilience and Sustainable Inspiration

Great teaming is a path to drive growth, transformation and organizational performance. In this session, leaders will audit and reflect on the strengths and opportunities on their teams using the Inspiring Teams framework and look to apply research-based, best practices from the highest performing teams. This session examines the critical aspects of high performing teams based on the work of Amy Edmondson and Google’s Aristotle study on how teams work, have evolved, and will continue to be critical to sustainable success in organizations. Participants will have opportunities to share themselves and be seen by their team in new ways as a springboard for building the next level of teaming. We will also outline the operational practices that foster trust and teaming, audit which of these could be stronger, and discuss how to develop them.

Key Takeaways

  • Communicate, collaborate and connect better to achieve peak team potential.
  • See the importance of teams as a pathway to organization growth and renewal.
  • Audit teams from a new lens and build strategies for growing team capability


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